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Inchon Jon (Class of 2014, Korea)
Mundipharma Korea, Vice President

"The best thing about the Executive MBA program for me was that I was able to experience both Kelley School of Business and SKK GSB. All courses are taught in English, and provide opportunities to interact with international students in the class. This was especially helpful for someone like me who, working for a multinational company, wanted to to improve communication skills. I really liked the two-week Residency Program in Kelley School, Bloomington, and Washington D.C. We had special lectures from invited experts in politics and trade in Washington. In Bloomington, we had a course in which we participated in a rowing race, and discussed different leadership styles. I would like to recommend Indiana Kelley – SKK GSB Executive MBA Program to anyone who aspire to become a business leader because this Executive MBA program will teach you what it takes to become a truly global business leader."


Kyoo Hwan Lee (Class of 2013, Korea)
Rio Tinto Korea

"What’s great about Indiana Kelley – SKK GSB Executive MBA Program is that you can make the most of your Friday evenings and Saturdays to improve your knowledge and expand your business perspectives while you focus on your work during weekdays. The curriculum is jointly run by SKK GSB and Kelley School of Business to teach students essential skills and expertise to become a successful business leader.


After graduation, I was promoted to Representative Manager from Sales Manager, and am now overseeing Aluminum Business of my company. I learned many lessons, and improved my management skills thanks to the Executive MBA program, and those lessons and skills are helping me to lead my business with more efficiency and sustainability. The Executive MBA program also taught me how to understand complex business situations around my company, and how to come up with possible solutions. Even if I start my own business someday, the lessons and business skills I learned in the Executive MBA program will prove to be immensely helpful."


Ho Keun Kang (Class of 2013, Korea)
Hanwha Group, Vice President

"It was not easy for me to focus on my MBA work while I was in charge of Business Strategy as a senior manager at Hanwha Group during my 1.5 years of MBA Study. However, I can say that Indiana Kelley – SKK GSB Executive MBA Program has deepened my understanding of overall business issues, and taught me to develop decision-making abilities. This Executive MBA program is the only MBA program that you can take classes from both SKK GSB and Kelley School of Business, and it proved to be the best MBA program for me. The journey I began with the Executive MBA program is still going on. After graduation, I was promoted to Senior Executive, and my role was changed to Global PR and IR. Thanks to English-based classes and constant interactions outside the classroom with faculty members and classmates from all over the world, I now feel more confident than ever before to take on challenging tasks at work as a Global PR executive."

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