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Most of our Executive MBA students are high-level managers, directors and executives looking to move into senior leadership positions. While being heralded from diverse industry and functional backgrounds such as manufacturing, finance, IT, government, and sales and services, they all aspire to become professional business leaders of tomorrow by sharing experiences, learning new knowledge, and building networks with other professionals on campus every week.

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(Class of 2020)

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Soo Rim Kim | Class of 2019, Todskorea

" Before entering SKK GSB, I had over 10 years of work experience in one field, and felt myself trapped in the very industry. I had a heartfelt need to sharpen my insight, as well as my professional expertise, to prospect the business market. In that sense, being able to take an advanced MBA class in high-quality English, right here in the heart of Korea was one of the top reasons for pursuing a degree in SKK GSB.

My classmates – all experts who had ample experience in diverse professional fields - made me realize that the mindset I have had was heavily slanted more than I thought. I was able to broaden my perspective thanks to my cohort members. Moreover, professors of SKK GSB who have the strongest professionalism and passion for students have earned my utmost respect. "

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