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Date Area Speaker Time &
2014.04.09 Finance Prof. S. Hun Seog (Seoul National University) 12:15~1:45pm
Seminar Room
2013.11.26 Finance Mr. Paul Calluzzo (Rutgers) 3:00~4:30pm
Seminar Room
Director Connections in the Mutual Fund Industry
2013.11.12 Finance Dr. Hao Jiang (University of Texas at Austin) 3:00~4:30pm
Seminar Room
Tail Risk and Hedge Fund Returns
2013.12.09 Finance Prof. Kee-hong Bae (York Univ.) 12:00~13:30pm
Seminar Room
Institutional Investors and Equity Returns:Hedge Funds vs. Non-hedge Funds
2013.10.15 Finance Prof. Ash Soni (Indiana Univ.) 12:15~1:45pm
Seminar Room
Business Analytics
2013.10.22 Finance Prof. Kuan-hui Lee (SNU 4:00~5:30pm
Seminar Room
\"Are Foreign Short-Sellers to Blame? Evidence from Daily Short-Selling in Korean Stock Market\"
2013.10.29 Finance Prof. James Park (Korea Univ. Business School) 12:15~1:45pm
Seminar Room
\"Equity Issuance, Distress, and Agency Problems: The 20% Rule for Privately Issued Equity\"
2013.11.05 Finance Prof. Jung-wook Kim (Seoul National Univ.) 12:15~1:45pm
Seminar Room
\"Interacting Limit Order Demand and Supply Curves\"
2013.11.07 Finance Prof. Suil Pae (SKK GSB) 4:00~5:30pm
Seminar Room
\"Investment, Reporting Quality, and Real Options\"
2013.11.19 Finance Prof. Jim Grandorf (Indiana Univ.) 12:15~1:45pm
Seminar Room
\"Business Ethics\"
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