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2013.11.26 Finance Prof. Woojin Kim (Seoul National Univ.) 12:00~1:30pm
Seminar Room
\"Free Lunches for Insiders under Investor Inertia and Limited Arbitrage\"
2013.12.06 Finance Prof. Bong-soo Lee (Florida State Univ.) 4:00~5:30pm
Seminar Room
\"Is Mispricing in Asset Prices Due to the Inflation Illusion?\"
2014.04.25 Finance Prof. Woochan Kim (Korea University) 10:30~12:000pm
Seminar Room
When Heirs Become Major Shareholders
2014.02.13 Finance Mr. Jun Kyung Auh (Columbia U.) 15:00~16:30pm
Seminar Room
Procyclical Credit Rating Policy
2014.03.14 Decision Sciences Prof. Aamir Rafique HASHMI (National University of Singapore) 12:15pm~13:45pm
Seminar Room
Entry- and Sunk-Cost Spillovers from the Rival: Evidence from Entry and Expansion of KFC and McDonald\'s in Chinese Cities
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