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No Area Faculty Title Date Attachments
9 Marketing Palmeira Mauricio A Ratings Pattern Heuristic in Judgments of Expertise: When Being Right Looks Wrong. 2018.05.08 Spassova Palmeira Andrade 2018.pdf
8 Marketing Hiroki P. Kotabe To search or to like: Mapping fixations to differentiate two forms of incidental scene memory 2017.09.19 Choe-Kardan-Kotabe-Henderson-Berman-2017-JoV.pdf
7 Finance Raunaq Pungaliya The Effects of Firm Growth and Model Specification Choices on Tests of Earnings Management 2016.07.26
6 Management Aleksios Gotsopoulos Leading Firms in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: 2016.07.01
5 Marketing Caleb Tse Small Efforts with Big Effects: Finding Ways to Delight your Customers 2016.05.24
4 Marketing Eric Shih The Good-Enough Market 2016.04.22
3 Decision Science Samar Mukhopadhyay European Option Pricing with a Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm for Big Data Analysis 2015.11.11 IEEE_Transaction_Paper.pdf
2 Marketing Minjung Koo When Temptations Come Alive 2015.09.03 AM_SC_revision3_final.pdf
1 Management Aleksios Gotsopoulos The Coevolution of Technologies and Categories during Industry Emergence 2015.09.02 Aleksios Gotsopoulos (Academy of Management).pdf
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