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구민정 2.jpg Area Marketing
Faculty Minjung Koo
Position Assistant Professor of Marketing
Title When Temptations Come Alive
							When Temptations Come Alive: How Anthropomorphism Undermines Self-Control

We examine how anthropomorphizing a temptation impacts consumer self-control. Six studies show
that anthropomorphizing a tempting product impairs self-control not by boosting desire strength but by
decreasing consumers’ experience of conflict toward consuming the product—an alarm that signals a
need for self-control. As a result, consumers are less likely to initiate self-control and more likely to
indulge in the product. This process occurs because an anthropomorphized product acts as another
agent in the self-control dilemma, which decreases the extent to which consumers attribute the cause of
and responsibility for their consumption to themselves (i.e., internal attribution).
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