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Date Area Speaker Time &
2017.05.26 Management Ji-Hyun Kim (Yonsei) 16:00
2nd floor Seminar Room
2016.11.11 Management Bilian Sullivan (HKUST) 16:30-18:00
2nd floor conference room
How Does the Future Matter? A Contingency Perspective on the Influences of Future Focus on Firm Innovation Performance
2016.10.19 Management Chris Rider (Georgetown) 16:30-18:00
2nd floor seminar room
Racial disparity in leadership: Performance-reward bias in promotions of National Football League coaches.
2016.05.18 Management Bo Kyung Kim, Yonsei University School of Business 12:00-13:30
2nd floor seminar room
New Wine in Old Bottles? The Overlooked Role of Incumbents in Co-Opting Discontinuous Technological Change in the US Newspaper Industry
2016.04.13 Management Yanbo Wang, Cheung Kong GSB 12:00
2nd floor seminar room
Firm Performance and State Innovation Funding: Evidence from China's Innofund Program
2015.10.15 Marketing Prof. Kim Jang-Hyun, Interactive Science Dept, SKKU Noon-1:30
2nd fl. Conference Room
Social Behaviors Revealed in Social Networks: The Appropriate Data Approach
2015.10.30 Marketing Eunkook Suh, Yonsei University (Psychology) 12-1:30
2nd Fl. Conference Room
The Science of Happiness
2015.09.24 Management Andrew Hafenbrack 12:00-13:30
2nd floor seminar room
Don't want to work right now
2015.09.21 Management Giacomo Negro (Emory) 12:00-13:30
2nd floor Seminar Room
Structural Inertia and Legal Formalism in World Society
2015.04.17 Management Jonghoon Bae (SNU) 12:00-13:30
2nd floor seminar room
Impatient Audience and Institutional Entrepreneurship
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