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SKK GSB has always put students’ career developments first and the foremost, providing each student with personalized and custom-made career services. From the minute students join the program, we are here to help guide students through many stages of career search and career enhancement processes, refining job hunts, crafting resumes, and building interview skills to help students become the most in-demand candidates they can possibly be.

MBA students receive tailored career development services that contain self-assessment, career advice, resume clinics, mock interviews, and career workshops. SKK GSB’s systematic approach not only helps MBA students for job placements upon graduation, but also prepares them for life-long career success.

Career Highlights

Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2015

Placement by Location (Class of 2014 to 2016)

Placement by Industry (Class of 2014 to 2016)


Sergio A.R. Luna (Class of 2013, Colombia)

"SKK GSB provided me with a unique educational experience in Korea, and helped me tremendously to adapt myself to a Korean business environment. It provided me with a global learning community, which is difficult to find in Korea, and at the same time, gave me an insight into the Korean business culture that companies are trying to instill in its employees. These dual benefits have been crucial for my career success at my current position in one of the most globally competitive steel makers."

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Hara Kang (Associate Director of Career Development)

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