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Title 2017 Full-Time MBA Global Field Trip to Cambodia
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Date 2017-06-12 Hit 1945

May 26, 2017
PR Committee of SKK GSB

SKK GSB Full-Time MBA students visited Cambodia for the week of May 22 to May 26. Cambodia is a country that has a long history and many historical sites, therefore, it is a destination for many tourists from around the world. However, SKK GSB Full-Time MBA students looked at the economy of Cambodia and visited the newly started businesses in this country. These company visits included visiting a smart (large telecommunications company), Rain Tree (startup acceleration group), Brown (high quality chain coffee shop) and Samai Rum distillery. These company and site visits opened a new perspective about developing countries and helped our MBA students to see the world from a different perspective. Finally SKK GSB Full-Time MBA students visited Angkor Wat which is a large, ancient temple complex and a world heritage site in Cambodia.

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