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Title 2018 Marketing Simulation Game is ongoing! (Full-Time MBA)
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Date 2018-02-01 Hit 818

2018 Marketing Simulation Game is ongoing!



Professor Caleb H. Tse reels Full-Time MBA students into a rather realistic world of marketing managers by employing a strategic marketing simulation game. This game is one of the main components of his Marketing Planning class in this spring semester of 2018. Five teams of Full-Time MBA students play the role of marketing divisions of competing international 3D-printed carbon fiber bicycle companies. Each team must make critical ...business decisions related to target segmentation, strategies to gain more market share, and financial soundness, among others.


For a truly integrated learning experience, students, acting as senior marketing executives, are expected to develop and execute detailed marketing plans, while applying fundamental concepts learned from other SKK GSB marketing courses.


The simulation is for a two-year run from the inception of the business, and is compressed into around eight weeks representing roughly a quarter each. Currently in the mere third quarter, it is anyone’s guess as to which company will become the market leader!


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