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Title [Day-4] EMBA Spain residency experience
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Date 2018-03-27 Hit 661


[Day 4: Lecture in IE Business School, Madrid]

Global Economy lecture by Professor Gayle Allard + Certificate Award Ceremony + Closing cocktail

Prof Allard’s lecture on the global economy was interesting for three reasons : being in Europe, She enabled us to see the European view of the world and being an American living aboard, her objective view on the current US government and its policies and most interestingly, her philosophical view of life and the definition of success and growth is very impressive just like a great quote from an enlightened Zen priest of ancient times.

Prof Allard coverd various topics from Brexit, Trumponimics to Robotization and humans as an economic creature who pursue “growth” all the time. She explained the pros and cons of growth and at last inspired us to revisit the definition of success and happiness. Are we really happy with having more money and keep growing it, than being a happy family with good health? Philosophical views on the economy from a renowned economist like herself gives me good food for thoughts to reflect on my life and future endeavors.

These program made up of a fair combination of learning contents and playful activities has provided us with a unique opportunity to finish our MBA program in two years or less.

Written by Heebai Kim (SKK GSB EMBA,Class of 2018)

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