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Title [Day-1] Full-Time MBA Cambodia field trip experience
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Date 2018-06-22 Hit 464

Overall, to describe this experience, I would choose the word ‘wonderful’. Literally, it was wonderful, and it was full of wonder. I will not only have unforgettable memories with my classmates but also gain plenty of lessons that can only be obtained outside of the classroom. I’ve always been told that I’m in a safe environment whenever I take the simulation classes. Because even if I make a critical mistake within the program, it won’t damage my real life. Rather, it would only give me a meaningful lesson. However, unlike the area within the safety line, I could see the ‘real’ industry in Cambodia where every single mistake can have a huge impact on real life. Every moment in Cambodia taught me a priceless lesson that I couldn’t get in the classroom. The experience made me think a lot, laugh a lot, and feel a lot. 

[National University of Management Social Innovation Lab]
The most memorable thing was the machine for discovering landmines. In Korea, it is hard to find a case of losing a body part because of landmines unless it is in a military zone. However, it is happening in Cambodia. I felt bad and was glad to hear that an MBA student invented an unimanned landmine-discovering machine. Especially the fact that the inventor is an MBA student motivated me the most. I should look for something that needs to be resolved or at least to be improved even though it may not be as significant as removing a landmine. I just had that thought while the MBA inventor acted upon it. I decided to be braver to not only think but act. This course, as the first course in Cambodia, was interesting enough to make me expect much from the courses that would follow. 

[The Factory Co-Working Space]
Before we went to Cambodia, we had a short info-session about the trip at school. At that session I heard that everything is possible in Cambodia and there are lots of start-up companies and they are growing very fast. When I went to The Factory Co-Working Space, I could see that it is true. The place was very interesting. Every design inside was impressive and practical. I especially remember the part where they used some fabric that used to be used in that place when it was a fabric factory. Also, there was a café and even that was a start-up company. Every part of this place was useful and interconnected. After I came back to Korea, I happened to read an article saying that more and more people are establishing companies, but failure rate is also going up. If we also have this kind of support, I think, we can expect a brighter future for Korean start-up companies.

Written by Shinji Hwang (SKK GSB Full-Time MBA, Class of 2019)
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