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Title [Day-1,2] Professional MBA Japan field trip experience
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Date 2018-07-17 Hit 474


A global field trip to Tokyo, Japan by the students of SKK GSB Professional MBA Program was a perfect match with the mission of SKK GSB. The mission of SKK GSB is “to advance business knowledge in a multicultural learning environment in order to develop socially responsible managers who will lead in a global organization.”

This was a great opportunity to expand our education internationally and students had a chance to experience a range of educational, social and cultural experiences they wouldn't generally be exposed to in Japan.

I've visited Japan numerous times over several years for business, and I thought I knew enough about Japan and its culture but realized that it was very limited. This global field trip to Tokyo definitely provided me with different perspectives and was a wonderful opportunity to see professionals from other industries and observe how the country is preparing for its future. I really liked the idea of working with another institute and learned about the education system in Japan through Hitotsubashi ICS faculty.
[Day 1: ICS introduction and National Innovation System]
The first day of the field trip started out with an introduction to Hitotsubashi ICS. We learned how the education system works in Japan and we were able to compare programs in Japan and Korea. As Prof. Yoshi Fujikawa described in his National Innovation System (NIS) lecture, Japan is a “land of old and new” where new technology and trends come and go, while history and tradition continue to be held in utmost respect.

His lecture helped us to understand where the country has come from and the various challenges and opportunities it faces going forward, especially with reference to digital disruption. It was very interesting to compare Japan and Norway in terms of respective resources and populations. He emphasized the importance of ideas and capital as the most valuable inputs to innovation.
[Day 2: Lecture at ICS and Monotaro distribution center visit]
Standardization for Innovation in Japan by Prof. Jin Park & Winners and Losers in the Super Elderly Society in Japan by Prof. Ryuji Yasuda
Prof. Jin’s lecture on standardization for innovation in Japan was very interesting for me, as was his cultural approach to the relationship between standardization and innovation. His views as a non-Japanese looking at Japanese companies like Akomeya, Tokyo and Shiru Café enabled us to get a different perspective. 

Prof. Ryuji’s Winners and Losers in the Super Elderly Society in Japan was an eye opener, especially in the Japanese nursing care business in a super-aging society. 
He also mentioned that this will provide very good lessons for the rapidly aging society in Korea. The introduction of Ohtsuka Keiyukai Hospital, Secom and Benesse Style Care with tailored operations to meet the requirement of an aging society exposed us to some very smart decisions Japanese companies were making. A visit to Monotaro was an excellent opportunity to learn how a company can overcome scarce resources and logistics issues to be successful in a very competitive market.
Written by Changki Yeo (SKK GSB Professional MBA, Class of 2019)
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