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Title [Day 4-6] Executive MBA residency experience in US
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Date 2018-10-26 Hit 259


SKK GSB Executive MBA has a three-time overseas Residency program during its 1.5year-long academic calendar, which helps students better understand major global issues. We would like to share an experience–rich story of our Executive MBA student, delivered from U.S., IU Kelley school of business.

[Day 4: The Leadership Challenge / Free Time]
On the morning of the fourth day, Professor Douglas Austrom gave a lecture on Human Centered Design. The concept and case description of Human Centered Design were presented, and we went through a number of interesting simulations in relation to the topic.

Firstly, students set up simulations based on the wants that can be achieved at that very moment. Then we simulated the process of making it happen for real: starting from generic things like "I wish there were no more house chores" or "I wish nobody was late for class." Unfortunately, I had to change the subject in the middle of this activity because I was no longer able to run simulations. The cause of failure was that in the first place I chose the final product as the subject rather than selecting what could be improved through design thinking. Then I recalled what I was told a while ago: contemporary technology was once someone's dream in the past. This made me reflect back on myself, whether I had been immersed in everyday routine, which was far from devising something creative.

Students were given some free time in the afternoon. We were given two options: one was shopping and the other was taking pictures around the campus. I had in mind what I had been told at the SKK GSB Orientation for the course - Director Jae-ha Lee strongly recommended that I take as many pictures at the beautiful campus of IU and smile at all times, so I decided to go for the latter. The scenery was absolutely tantalizing, and I had much fun with my fellow cohort members. Even now, I can still vividly picture that unforgettable day I had.
[Day 5: Decision Making in a Cross-Cultural Setting / Introductions to Accounting Concepts]
In the morning, a lecture “Decision Making in a Cross-Cultural Setting” was given by Professor Eric Richards. It was an eye-opening lecture on law for me who had been thinking of law-related lectures as boring. The lecture intrigued me and continuously stimulated my thoughts. We also had time to discuss ‘how culture or ideology affects interpretation, application and compliance of the law’. It was a very meaningful time, since it related not only to the boundary of law, but also with that of communication with respect to relations with the public and the media.
“Introductions to Accounting Concepts” by Professor Jim Wahlen took place in the afternoon. Understanding numbers is essential for any business person who plans to climb up the ladder in the company, and that's the reason why I decided to join the MBA program after all. Yet my understanding of the very module was almost disastrous.

Course materials comprised a list of words that I couldn't comprehend at all, whereas other classmates seemed to follow through the instructions, solved questions, and took part in the discussion without much fuss. Though it was a shame that I could not get much out of this module due to personal shortcomings, it made me determined to prepare myself to pick up the basics before the start of the new semester in November, no matter what.
[Day 6: Change Simulation] 
In my opinion, "Change Simulation" was the most interesting exercise during the entire Residency Program. With the team members, I simulated on ‘which strategies and plans will lead to successful settlement that will appease both executives and employees?’ Throughout the simulation process, there was much heated debate with the team members. We persuaded each other in areas where we disagreed and tried to devise strategies and action plans on which the whole team agreed.

The agreement ratio picked up as the process went by, and the team cheered. In the end, we were able to successfully complete the simulations. It was one of the classes where all classmates actively participated through continued discussion on possible failures and time efficiency of the posed simulations.
Written by Eunyoung Lee (SKK GSB Executive MBA, Class of 2020)


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