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Title 5 Fast Facts: History of Sungkyunkwan(SKK)
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Date 2018-10-29 Hit 595


5 Fast Facts: SKK History

Sungkyunkwan University is steeped in history. From gracing banknotes to boasting royal alums, check out these 5 facts about SKK.

1. SKK has a royal alum
King Sejong-the Korean ruler best known for crafting Korea’s alphabet Hangul-is an alumnus and served as the Chairman of our Board of Trustees. In fact, for much of its history, the university served upper class and royal citizens.
2. SKK is on the 1000 won banknote
Juxtaposed with plum flowers and former University President and Confucian scholar Yi Wang, Sungkyunkwan’s Myeongryundang graces the frontside of Korea’s 1000 won banknote. The lecture hall dates back to the Joseon dynasty.
3. SKK was home to Korea’s first library
Named Jongyeonggak, meaning “to revere the classics highly," SKK boasted Korea’s first library. Originally constructed in 1475 during the reign of King Seongjong, it was the only university library in Korea until the year 1900.
4. SKK recently had its 600th birthday
Founded in 1398 as a royal Confucian Academy, SKK shares more than 620 years of history. Instead of trying our luck with that many candles on a birthday cake, Sungkyunkwan University celebrated its sixth century of instruction with the opening of the state of the art 600th Anniversary Hall.  
5. First in the nation MBA program
SKK GSB was established in 2004 with the launch of our Global MBA program, Korea’s first MBA program to be fully taught in English.
We’re proud to not only be steeped in history, but to boast Korea’s top ranked MBA program. If you’re interested in studying business and exploring historic Seoul, you can request  request more information about our admissions process.
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