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Title Applied Business Project(ABP) clients meeting
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Date 2019-02-27 Hit 115

Applied Business Project(ABP) clients meeting

During the last few weeks, different groups of students met with their clients for the ABP project. The experience of consulting is new for some, and business as usual for others, but is exciting for everyone. “Getting to know the realities of the company and the struggles they face is really exciting; this is beyond any academics-only program”, is the general consensus. The meetings enable students to understand and analyze the issues a company is facing and come up with  creative solutions. This opportunity should allow the students to test their academic knowledge in a business environment.

The ABP is a program designed to let students experience a project of their preference. It is modeled along the lines of a consultancy and gives students the opportunity to have real experience with a company before graduation, under the guidance of a well-known professor as an advisor. The ABP is also a great opportunity for businesses to access highly motivated and well-prepared students who can advise their organizations. With each year, the ABP project has become very sought after, to the point that several businesses compete for acceptance.


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