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Faculty 팔메이라, 머루씨오
Position Assistant Professor
Title 경험에 기반한 전문성 평가: When Being Right Looks Wrong.
Spassova Palmeira Andrade 2018.pdf
							팔메이라 머루씨오 교수의 최근 논문이 마케팅 분야 최고 저널 중 하나인 '조직행동과 의사결정과정(Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes)'에  게재 수락되었다. 본 논문의 주요 내용은 다음과 같다. 


We propose a “ratings pattern heuristic” in judgments of expertise—that is, people’s tendency to undervalue critics who assign the same rating to multiple options, overlooking diagnostic information which would clearly justify the uniform ratings. The heuristic is driven by a strong association between discrimination and expertise and a focus on summary ratings. People “punish” uniform (vs. varied) raters even when (a) uniform ratings are acknowledged more likely (studies 1a and 1b), (b) the uniform rater’s past performance is superior (studies 2 and 3), and (c) the uniform rater also reports varied sub-ratings (study 4a), unless participants are prompted to assess the sub-ratings prior to choosing a critic (studies 4b and 5). Study 6 reveals that critics are less aware than judges of the impact of the pattern of their ratings on others’ perceptions. 

Keywords: expertise judgments, ratings pattern, rating variance, uniformity. 
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