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Faculty 김경희
Position Associate Professor
Title 문화적 특징이 브랜드 확장 평가에 미치는 영향: 사고방식과 규제에 의한 상반된 효과
Cultural influences on brand extension judgments(IJRM).pdf
							김경희 교수의 최근 논문이 마케팅 분야 최고 저널 중 하나인 'International Journal of Research in Marketing'에 게재 수락되었다. 본 논문의 주요 내용은 다음과 같다. 


Asians are more likely than Westerners to have both a relational (vs. analytic) thinking style and a prevention (vs. promotion) focus. These two chronic dispositions can have opposite effects on their evaluations of brand extensions, the relative magnitude of which depends on whether the extensions are construed at a concrete or abstract level. Results of three experiments demonstrate that when an extension is psychologically close and construed at a concrete level, Asians’ disposition to engage in relational thinking leads them to perceive the extension to be relatively more similar to the parent, leading them to evaluate the extension more favorably than do Westerners. 

On the other hand, when the extension is psychologically distant and construed at an abstract level and thus Asians are unlikely to engage in relational processing, their prevention focus leads them to perceive the extension to be riskier and evaluate it less favorably than do Westerners. 

Key words: Culture, Brand Extension, Regulatory Focus, Processing Style, Construal Level 
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