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Alumni Interviews

Jang Han Choi (Class of 2018, Korea) Panirois

" I worked as an intern at Kyobo Life Insurance portfolio management team. The employees kindly demonstrated how theories such as machine learning techniques, Black-Litterman model, etc. can be applied in the business field. Being a member of the asset management team helped me learn so much. Although it was a short term summer internship, I still keep in touch with the employees. "



Sergio A.R. Luna (Class of 2013, Colombia) POSCO

" SKK GSB provided me with a unique educational experience in Korea, and helped me tremendously to adapt myself to a Korean business environment. It provided me with a global learning community, which is difficult to find in Korea, and at the same time, gave me an insight into the Korean business culture that companies are trying to instill in its employees. These dual benefits have been crucial for my career success at my current position in one of the most globally competitive steel makers. "