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Meet Our Students

Heeyong Eun (Business Analytics, Class of 2024) |

KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp.

Enrolling in the Business Analytics MBA program was prompted by my current role in IT consulting. My aim was to enhance my comprehension of business within the IT sector and swiftly grasp emerging technologies. The MBA program facilitated a broader understanding of business through modules in accounting, marketing, and customer analysis. Real-life case studies and discussions provided practical insights applicable to my work.

Throughout the program, the standout elements were the distinguished professors and the camaraderie with classmates. Globally recognized professors imparted up-to-date knowledge, fostering creative thinking through discussions and group activities. The interactive nature of classes allowed for continuous application of experiences, solidifying the learning process. The bonds formed with classmates during the two years of shared challenges and opinions have evolved into lifelong friendships through which we continue to support each other's growth.

The program played a pivotal role in my career progression, I have been promoted and transferred to a role based on data analysis at a global consulting firm. This company offers opportunities for relocation to the United States and growth in the field of AI, and I am striving to apply what I learned in school to my actual work. On reflection, the MBA program served as a gateway to diverse career paths, offering avenues to become a data engineer, AI engineer, or business analyst. Its flexibility allows for a deeper dive into areas aligned with individual goals and strengths.



Sookyong Lee (Business Analytics, Class of 2024) |

GlaxoSmithKline - GSK Korea

The desire to learn the fundamentals of data analysis and to receive formal training in data interpretation drove me to pursue the Business Analytics program. I chose the SKK GSB BA MBA program for two reasons: it provides technical training through a rigorous and practical curriculum, and at the same time, this program emphasizes business insights and implications that can be derived from data due to its unique combination of data analytics and an MBA program.


Multiple hands-on team projects using real-life datasets, along with endless discussions with classmates, helped me shape my data skills and develop the ability to communicate findings from any dataset. Learning how other industries utilize and analyze data through class discussions was also an invaluable lesson for me. Through this program, I was able to enhance my technical skillset and strengthen my data analysis expertise, building on my business domain and previous marketing experience.

* The MS degree has changed to a MBA degree starting from the August 2022 intake.

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