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Admissions Guide


  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • An applicant with more than two years of work experience or is currently working.


Class Size

Approximately 80 per year (up to 50 students by semester)


Admission Process Guide

1st step : Apply online & mailing original documents

2nd step : Admission documents review 

  • After submitting online application, we will guide you through the interview. 

3rd step: Admission interview (in English)

  • Interview will be held 2:1, and takes about 20 min to 30 min.
  • The admission result will be based on your documents review and interview.

4th step: Admission result announcement

  • Successful applicants will then proceed to register for incoming students


Admission Period

SKK GSB operates the Professional MBA program with two cohorts a year - the Spring cohort (class commencement in January) and the Fall cohort (class commencement in August). The application periods for each cohort are listed below:


[Application Submission Period]
  • Spring cohort: September ~ November (class commencement in January)
  • Fall cohort: February ~ May (class commencement in August)


Admission Schedule (2023 Spring Cohort Incoming Class)

Admission Schedule (2021 Spring Cohort Incoming Class)

Application Deadlines

(Additional Round)

Document Evaluation Admission Interview Admission  Announcement Deposit Payment

1st round:

Sep 1 ~ Oct 20

Oct 21 ~ Oct 26 Nov 1 ~ Nov 5 Nov 22 Nov 22 ~ Nov 25

2nd round application deadline: November 20 (Detailed schedule will be announced soon)

The deposit is 1,300,000 KRW. 

2023 Spring cohort registration period: December 21 ~ December 23, 2022.

2023 Spring student loan application period will be from Jan 5 to Jan 10, 2023.


Admission Documents

To be submitted online
  • 1. Application Form (No essay, study plan and English test score)
  • 2. Documents to be attached
    • 1) A Copy of Diploma or Certification of Graduation
      • For universities in Korea: Certification of Graduation (Kor)
      • For overseas universities: Certification of Graduation (Eng)
    • 2) Academic Transcripts (Eng)
    • 3) Resume (Eng)
    • 4) Certificate(s) of career and employment (Korean or English/Original)
    • 5) Future Leader Scholarship Application (Optional)
      • Future Leader Scholarship applicants only (Scholarship guide)
      • Incoming class scholarship applicants don't need to submit the scholarship application.

        ※ Note

        • Original documents need to be submitted to SKK GSB on the interview date.
        • You can download the resume and scholarship application forms on the online application system.

After the document evaluation, SKK GSB will contact the applicants individually to schedule the admission interview.


To be submitted on the date of the interview
  • 1. Required Documents
    • 1) A Certification of Graduation (Original)
      • For universities in Korea: Certification of Graduation (Kor)
      • For overseas universities: Certification of Graduation (Eng)
    • 2) Academic Transcripts (Eng, original document)
    • 3) Certificate(s) of career and  employment (Korean or English / Original)
  • 2. Optional Documents
  •      - The below documents are not mandatory, extra points can be considered.
    • 1) English test score:
      choose one among TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS, IELTS (academic), TOEIC speaking or OPIC (within expiry date)
    • 2) GMAT or GRE test score (within expiry date)
      Institution code: GMAT B7S-F2-24, TOEFL and GRE: 8713
    • 3) An Affidavit of Support (Korean or English/ Company-sponsored only)


      ※ Note

      • 1) Submitted documents and paid application fee (100,000 KRW) will not be returned.
      • 2) Original transcripts and diplomas must be in English/Korean, or notarized translations into English.


Mailing Address

Please send your original documents, Certification of Graduation and Academic Transcript, after you submit your application or bring them on your interview day.

- SKK Graduate School of Business, Sungkyunkwan University

  25-2 Sungkyunkwan-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea 03063

  Attn: Professional MBA Admission Director


Supplementary documents for successful applicants

1) Applicants who have a degree in other countries, not in Korea

    - Certificate of graduation and Academic Transcript

      (written in English or Korean: MUST be apostilled or consular confirmed)

    - If these documents are not written in English or Korean or are not original copies,

      they must be apostilled or consular confirmed on notarized documents.

2) In the case of foreign nationality of applicants and applicants' parents

    - 1 color copy of a valid passport

    - Proof of Family relationship (Original copy) in English

      (If the documents are written in other languages, they MUST obtain the notarization on translation)


Certificate of Admission and Visa Guide for International Students

To receive the certificate, admitted students should submit the following documents to SKK GSB and complete the 1st semester registration. Please prepare the documents in advance.

  • 1. A copy of applicant's passport
  • 2. A certificate of bank balances ($20,000 at least, within 30 days from the submission date)
    • In case of a parent's bank balances, a proof of family relationship is also required.

    If you have a different type of visa a like working visa, it's not mandatory to apply for the certificate of admission


Contact Information