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Meet Our Alumni

Gabi Yoon (class of 2019, AppTweak)

Most of the knowledge that I learned from the MBA classes is directly helpful and effectively used in my work. I am in particular benefiting a lot from the first semester classes such as Management, Economics, Finance and Data Analysis. SKK GSB professors use various teaching methods to elevate student participation and encourage students to constantly question themselves while thinking critically. Thanks to this, I got used to thinking deeply, and giving opinions widely. After the MBA, I always took the initiative, and became confident in solving problems. Specifically, when I was recently analyzing social listening data in S-core, I applied the analytic skills that I learned in Prof. Yanbo Wang’s Quantitative Analysis class. When it comes to contracting, or when we need Win-Win negotiations, the client/partner acquisition skills from Prof. Adam Castor’s Negotiation class are of great help. I focus on the value of what I create when I work rather than just on the activity. I also try my best to help the company and our clients to develop.

I highly recommend taking an MBA for anyone who wants a transition or career development. I developed my career and learned a lot more than I expected. I keep in touch with my friends from various fields and my professors at SKK GSB. While working at the Korea MBA Association, I often interacted with MBA students from other schools, and met many people at work even after we graduated. The MBA experience was an opportunity in my life where I reflected greatly on myself, and developed a lot as an individual.



Hugo Hyungsoo Lee (class of 2015, Haru Investment)

Before attending SKK GSB, I majored in electrical engineering at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and led the power generation division at Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. Upon graduation, I pursued my career as an investment banker at a securities firm. Although I come from an engineering background, obtaining my MBA at SKK GSB enabled me to shift my career focus towards finance. I am currently the CEO of Haru Invest (, a global cryptocurrency deposit platform.

Before enrolling in SKK GSB's MBA program, I came to realize and appreciate the importance of accounting and financial knowledge. Furthermore, I understood that having a global perspective and foreign language skills are essential to prepare for the future of internationalized markets. These factors influenced my decision to attend SKK GSB, especially since more than half of the students came from abroad and all courses were conducted in English. Since I came from an engineering background, my understanding of business topics was initially limited. However, I quickly caught up on the basics throughout the MBA program. Interacting with colleagues from diverse backgrounds also provided me with an opportunity to think from a global perspective.

People often ask me how I was able to change my career to business after majoring in engineering. My response is always the same: I made sure to accumulate my "time" steadily with my goal in line. Many people want to gain fast results when they want to make a career change. However, no matter how quickly you want that switch to happen, you cannot achieve that position by your own will. To grow in a certain field and receive widespread recognition, it is necessary to show both what you have been doing and that “time”. I think that the process of obtaining an MBA from SKK GSB, studying blockchain, and gradually moving into this career have all created such “time". Learning must continue in society as well. If you are dreaming of a career change, it is worth taking the time to prepare. Immersing yourself in a certain period and gradually accumulating time for your goal may create better growth results, like a frog crouching to jump higher.



Myounghee Kang (class of 2013, finda)

The MBA isn't all that made me who I am today, but I think that I steadily pursued becoming the person I am today through the MBA course. I enjoy challenges and growth, but above all, I wanted to live a life where I could immerse myself in what is meaningful to me. By embarking on the MBA and completing the marketing track, I developed in my professional field while exploring opportunities to gain relevant experience through networking with classmates, seniors, and juniors. After graduating with an MBA, I did marketing consulting at a consulting firm, and later served as CMO at The Booth, a craft beer brand, and at Playlist, a content company, expanding my marketing domain through branding. Now, as Head of Marketing at Finda, I lead the growth team, branding team, and marketing design team. MBA is a process of creating a better future by using deep thought about career path and future, and using various stimuli through networking, as well as professional education during mathematics, and the guidance of world-class professors. Thinking that ‘everything will be all right because I passed the MBA and came all this way’ cannot lead to a real transformation. Starting with the MBA, I hope you will lead yourself closer to your ultimate life goal by actively utilizing the courses and networks. I want you to imagine the experiences and career goals you want in SKK GSB as concretely as possible, and to create opportunities to gain as many experiences, memories, and contacts as possible beyond your imagination.