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Financial Aid

Scholarship and Financial Aid

SKK GSB awards scholarships to Professional MBA students based on the overall evaluation of their application and interview. The selection of scholarship students is determined based on the results of the admissions screening and will be notified upon admission.



Amount (KRW)

Future Leader Scholarship


SKK GSB Scholarship


※ All scholarships apply only to domestic classes. (dual degree course not applied)
     The scholarship amount is divided by semester.


SKK GSB Scholarship

1) All international and Korean applicants, including company-sponsored students, are eligible for scholarships.
2) GMAT and TOEFL scores are not required but recommended for scholarship consideration.
3) Throughout the application period, the SKK GSB Admission Committee evaluates and awards scholarships, on an ongoing basis, to qualified students.
4) The scholarship recipients are required to have excellent academic performance to maintain their scholarships.


Future Leader Scholarship

  • 1) Scholarship Amount: 12 Million KRW in total
  • 2) Number of scholarship recipients: Not specified


  • 3) Scholarship Student Category
    An applicant should choose one of following categories on the application.
    • Top Talent : Business professional who is evaluated as a top talent in the organization.
    • Female Leader : Female professional with strong leadership and achievements
    • International Leader (Foreign applicant only) : International business professional who has outstanding business experience in a multicultural business environment
    • Family Business Successor & Entrepreneur: Family business successor or an entrepreneur who needs global business perspective and cutting-edge business knowledge
  • 4) Requirements and criteria
    • Requirements
      • Bachelor's or equivalent degree
      • Minimum two years of work experience
    • Criteria
      • Significant achievements and potential as a future business leader
      • Professional experience and Academic ability
      • Strong set of attributes and ideals, similar to the vision set out by SKK GSB
  • 5) Application documents
    • Professional MBA application needs to be submitted
    • Future Leader scholarship application (Eng)
    • A recommendation letter by employer or HR manager with their name card (Top talent category only, Eng)
    • Required documents
      • Professional MBA application form (see admission page)
      • Future Leader Scholarship application (Eng. original)
    • Optional document (when Top Talent is selected)
      • A president, chief HR officer, or senior director of the division can be the recommender. (Eng.)
  •           - Attached the above recommender business card

SKK GSB - KCMC* Scholarship

SKK GSB waives a part of the total tuition of admitted students who work in the KCMC member companies.

  • The applicant should submit the 'SKK GSB - KCMC Scholarship Recommendation Letter' until the interview date.
  • Please contact your HR manager or the KCMC office for the 'SKK GSB - KCMC Scholarship Recommendation Letter'.

     (KCMC office: Tel. 02-567-8185, Email.

*KCMC: Korean CEO's association of Multinational Corporations


Academic Excellence awards

  • Up to Top 10% of GPA scores, partial tuition reduction for the next semester


Student Loan