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Financial Aid

Scholarship and Financial Aid


Incoming Student Scholarship

     SKK GSB awards scholarships to incoming students of Full-Time MBA Program based on the overall evaluation of

     their document and interview. Scholars will be selected in the admission stage and will be notified upon admission



Scholarship Type

Amount (Total)

Future Leader Scholarship


SKK GSB Scholarship


Dean's Scholarship




Dean's Scholarship & SKK GSB Scholarship 

    - Scholarship is available both for Korean and international students 

    - Scholarship covers tuition in Korea (Not for SAP or DDP)

    - High GMAT/GRE or TOEFL score are preferred

    - Scholars should show good academic performances in order to continuously receive scholarships 


Future Leader Scholarship
  •     1) Scholarship amount: 12 Million KRW total
  •     2) Number of scholars: Not specified
  •     3) Scholarship Student Category
  •      An applicant should choose one of following categories on the application.

          * Top Talent : Business professional who is evaluated as a top talent in the organization.

          Female Leader : Female professional with strong leadership and achievements

  •       * Family Business Successor & Entrepreneur: Family business successor or an entrepreneur who needs global business perspective and cutting-edge business knowledge

  •     4) Requirement and Criteria
    • Requirement: Bachelor's or equivalent degree holder
    • Criteria: 
  •         * Potential and significant achievements as a future business leader
  •         * Excellent academic ability 
  •         * High English proficiency
  •         * Strong set of attributes and ideals, similar to the vision set out by SKK GSB
  •     5) Application documents
    • Required documents
    • Full-Time MBA application form (see Admission page)
    • Future Leader Scholarship application (English)

    ->Describe why you should be selected as Top Talent with your business experience in the application form(Top Talent category only)

    • Recommendation letter from one of the followings: President, Chief HR Officer, Senior Director of the division at your company (English)
  •     Global Korea Scholarship(GKS) 

  •      SKK GSB recommends excellent international students to the NIIED (National Institute for International Education)

  •      for GKS. The scholarship includes full tuitions, one-year language course in Korea, living expenses, airfairs, etc.

  •      GKS scholars should complete curriculum at SKK GSB (not available for SAP or DDP).

  •      More information is available at http://


        Other Scholarship Opportunities

        - Academic Excellence Awards

        - Contribution Awards

  •     - Research Assistantships