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Meet Our Alumni

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Kyoungho Park (C2021, World Bank Group)

I'm currently working at the World Bank's Washington headquarters to inform private investors of the government guarantee program in developing countries. My role comprises analyzing potential businesses, and evaluating risks to help investors succeed in their investments. Before my MBA, I was in charge of overseas private investment projects in a Korean construction company. These were Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects. I went on multiple business trips to developing countries, which forged my desire to contribute to the public sector by working in international institutions. To that end, I decided to join the IU Kelley–SKK GSB Executive MBA program. The EMBA program is designed to improve students’ strengths and to identify and improve upon their weaknesses. Therefore, if students lack basic knowledge, they can still learn and improve step by step. In my case, I learned what I needed to develop as a successful leader through studying subjects such as leadership, human resources management, and communication. I was not confident in these fields prior to taking the course. In particular, I found the course greatly advantageous because SKK GSB runs a joint course with IU Kelley School of Business, which is one of the most prestigious business schools in the US. One of my most memorable moments from my studies was when I attended Prof. Daniel Beneish's course face to face. He devised the ‘Beneish Model’, which I had studied when preparing for my CFA - the Chartered Financial Analyst certificate. So, meeting Prof. Beneish in person was a heartwarming experience. I also fostered a valuable network of fellow students. I daresay that SKK GSB EMBA graduates have professionalism and sophisticated social skills. When I was in class with them, I could often feel intense energy. My peer who held another Master's said once that he had studied in another school, but he had never seen this intense proactiveness in participating in projects and in sharing opinions in discussions. It is no exaggeration to say that studying the EMBA has changed my life. It paved the way for my dream goal, and made me feel confident. Through the EMBA, I came to think, 'I'm a person who can show my value anywhere.'



Lucinda Walker (C2021, British Chamber of Korea)

Internationalized program—Learned diverse perspectives I wanted to do an MBA in Korea because Korea is one of the most innovative countries, and my colleagues and friends in Korea spoke highly of their experience of studying at Korean universities. In particular, the IU Kelley–SKK GSB Executive MBA program is a globalized EMBA program in Korea, so I was immediately drawn to it. In this course, I learned many different perspectives from professors and classmates from countries as diverse as China, India, Korea, Sweden, and the US in useful business courses filled with practical approaches. In the course Global Business Environment, the professor taught us complicated macroeconomic concepts in an engaging and accessible way. In Business Strategy, the professor used various online tools to engage us in a fascinating inquiry-based learning experience. He demonstrated to us that online education can be exciting, too, and I learned to identify and manage risk and opportunities. The Executive MBA program has made me more confident because I now understand many more business concepts, and I know how to develop strategy and to identify risks and opportunities. Thanks to this EMBA program, I am more confident. Now I feel like I have a lot of options, and am excited about my future.