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Admissions Guide



  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • 8 or more years of work experience


Number of Students (per year)

  • Approximately 30 ~ 40


2024 Admission Process Guide

Admission Process
  • 1st Step: Submission of Applications Apply
    • SKK GSB online application and admission documents 
  • 2nd step: Admission interview
    • After the application review, SKK GSB will contact applicants to arrange the admission interviews.

    (Individual interview in English for 30 minutes)

  • Due to COVID-19, all interviews are conducted online.
  • Applicants need to submit SKK GSB the original admission documents until the interview date.


Admission Schedule (2024 Fall Addition)
Admission Schedule (2021 Incoming Class)
Announcement Tuition Payment
June 17th

June 18th ~ June 19th

June 24th

June 27th 

July 8th ~July 11th


Admission Documents

To be submitted online
  • 1. Application Form (No essay or study plan)
  • 2. Documents to be attached (Form download)
    • 1) A Copy of Diploma or Graduation Certification
      • For universities in Korea: Graduation Certification (Korean)
      • For overseas universities: a copy of diploma (English)
    • 2) Academic Transcripts (English)
    • 3) Resume (English)
    • 4) Certificate(s) of employment (Korean or English)
    •     -  The certificate(s) must prove eight years of work experience at least or the applicant's managerial position(senior manager at least). 
    •     -  If the applicant has worked in many companies, it is required to submit more than two certificates of employment.  
    • 4) Future CEO Scholarship Application (Optional)
      • Future CEO Scholarship applicants only (Scholarship guide)
      • Incoming class scholarship applicants don't need to submit the scholarship application.

※ Note

  • Original documents need to be submitted to SKK GSB until the interview date.
  • If you cannot submit the original documents, you can bring them to SKK GSB for confirmation or replace them with notarized documents.
  • You can download the resume and scholarship application forms on the online application system.
  • Executive MBA program applicants do not need to submit the English test score to apply for the program.
  • However, to be registered in the Indiana University student system, all admitted Executive MBA applicants should submit IETLS or iBT test scores before the program commencement.
  • To complete your submission, an application fee payment (100,000 KRW) via credit card or bank transfer is required.


To be submitted by the interview date
  • Interview candidates should submit the following documents by post or visit SKK GSB for submission. 
  • 1. For Korean university graduate(s)
  •     1) Certificate(s) of Graduation in Korean
    • 2) Academic transcript(s) in English
    • (if transferring, a detailed academic transcript for the courses is necessary.)

2. For overseas university graduate(s)

    1) Certificate of Graduation or a copy of the diploma (English) 

    2) Academic transcript(s) in English

    • (in case of transferring or a student exchange program, an academic transcript from the institution is necessary.)
    • * #1 & #2: If an official certificate in English is unavailable, the applicant can submit the notarized English or Korean translation with the official documenet in local language. 
  • 3. Certificate(s) of Employment or Certificate of Career(s) 
  •     1) Please submit the certificate(s) for the recent two work experiences at least.
  •     2) If you have worked for one company only, please submit the certificate from the current employer.
  •     3) English or Korean
  • 3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (English)
  • Download


 Optional Documents

  • 1. Affidavit of Support (Company-sponsored only)


  • 2. TOEFL or IELTS (Academic) test score (within validity date)
  • ※ TOEFL or IELTS exemption 
      - Native English speaker (Find the countries below)
         : Anguilla, Antiqua, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Barbuda, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Canada (except Quebec), Dominica, Grand Cayman Islands, Grenada, Guyana Irish, Jamaica, Montserrat, New Zealand, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Tobago, Trinidad, Turks and Caicos Island, United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), USA
      - If the medium of instruction during the undergraduate or graduate period is English and the applicant proves it with an official document from the university, the English test score will be waived. 
  • 3. GMAT or GRE (within validity date)
  •   - Institution code: GMAT B7S-F2-24, TOEFL and GRE: 8713
  •   - Applicants who submit excellent GMAT or GRE scores receive extra points in document evaluation. 
  • 4. Future CEO Scholarship Application (Scholarship guide)

Required Documents for admitted students

  • 1. Documents for the Indiana University admission process 
  •     (Due date: May 30th / final round candidate: June 14th, 2024)
  •     1) Certificate(s) of Graduation
        Original document (a photo scan available for the diploma)
  •         Both in the local language, and English 
    • 2) Academic transcript(s):  Original / both in local language and English
    • * #1) & 2): Korean university graduates - Official certificates in English only

2. For overseas university graduate(s)

  •     (Due date: July 15, 2024)

    1) Apostille or consular confirmation of the following documents (bachelor's degree only)

       - Original Certificate of Graduation (or a color copy of a diploma) and original academic transcripts 

    2) If the documents are not written in English/Korean or are not original,

        the documents must be apostilled or consular confirmed on notarized documents. 

    3) Consular confirmation should be from the Korean consulate in the country where the universities are located.

    4) The documents should be received within one year of the date of submission.

3. If the applicant and his/her parents have nationalities, not South Korea

  •     (Due date: July 15, 2024)

    1) Color photo scans of the applicant and his/her parents' passports

    2) Government certificate to prove the family relationship in English.

* Academic records and family relationship documents should be original and in English.

  Or, students must submit notarized documents of English or Korean translation or photo scan.

* Admitted students need to double-check the updated guidelines from the SKK GSB Admission Team.         


Visa for International Students 


According to the updated government policy, Sungkyunkwan University does not issue certificates of admission to part-time program students.   International students who want to join the Executive MBA program should have other types of visa.


Mailing Address

SKK Graduate School of Business, Sungkyunkwan University,

25-2 Sungkyunkwan-ro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea 03063

Attn: Executive MBA Admission Director


Contact Information