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The SKK GSB Online Application System (GRADNET) provides the application service in both English and Korean. Also, the PayPal service is available for international applicants.


Apply Now


Click the button above to create the applicant ID and select a program which you will apply for. Please check the admission guidelines for each program's webpage and the notice on the main menu of this system in detail.



You must use Chrome to access the system and write your application. Please DO NOT USE Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, etc. Problems will occur when you use GRADNET with them.



Help Desk

  • Full-Time MBA:, Tel. 82-2-740-1530
  • Professional, Tel. 82-2-740-1712
  • Executive MBA:, Tel. 82-2-740-1520
  • AI MBA:, Tel. 82-2-740-1520
  • Business Analytics, Tel. 82-2-740-1530
  • Master in Management Studies(MMS):, Tel. 82-2-740-1730